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Wills, Trusts and Probate

Because we don’t like to think about death or our incapacity, often  people may avoid creating a will or powers of attorney. These documents assist your loved ones and surviving family and provides guidance which relieves the  stress of an emotionally trying time providing them time to grieve.

Without a will, the distribution of your assets and property may not be carried out as you expect. Your will makes your wishes explicit and can also determine who will care for your minor children after your passing.

Although after death, the Probate Court makes sure your will is followed, the probate process  can be confusing and time consuming. Our goal is to provide you with the legal assistance necessary to successfully navigate the Probate process.


Another way to make sure your loved ones are cared for and that your estate is preserved is to create a trust. You may create a trust before your passing or through your last will and testament. Your trustees then oversee the administration of your trust in accordance with your plans.