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Our practice areas focuses on the fundamental areas of life: Home, Family, and Property.

Each area of life requires legal services at some point. Our goal is to provide legal services in an easy to understand way. We welcome your phone call about your legal concerns.

Real Estate
For Buyers and Sellers. In South Carolina, an attorney is necessary to transact the process of sale or purchase of real estate. Our team makes your closing as easy as possible. Read More
Family Law
Divorces, Adoptions, custody of minor children, alimony and spousal support are all under the purview of the South Carolina Family Court. We provide advice, counsel and direction at the most emotionally significant times in the life of your family. Read More
Wills, Trusts and Probate
Planning for the end of life is often neglected. However, providing for your family and loved ones in a way that lessens their burdens is the most important act you can undertake. Read More